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Saturday style crush - Frankie Sandford

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A soldier's daughter

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My name is Vanessa born in 1987 under the sign of Taurus. I am a full time distance student, means i study at home. I was born in the province of The Philippines, raised in beloved Sweden and currently lives in the best city in the world, Barcelona-Spain since i was 20. I have a big interest in fashion, beauty, music, photography and fitness.

In my blog you can read about a little bit of everything, my life in Barcelona, my workout progress, quotations, inspirations etc. My family and friends are the most important people in my life and i live for them. I believe that we can do and reach anything we want in life, the main keys are discipline, focus, motivations, willingness, believing in what you do and the most important thing is to never ever give up. What you believe you can achieve! Just live one day at a time and i hope you like reading my blog :) Lots of love // Vanessa

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